Project: Ferrer
Client: Ferrer
Company: New Media Audiovisual SLU


Ferrer company sought to enhance the internal communication concerning event broadcasts and live communications. Specifically, they aimed to add value to these actions through qualitative improvement of outcomes and event personalization.

Proposed Solution/Project Details:

To advance the professionalism and quality of Ferrer’s live streams, Lavinia Services proposed a technical service for the production and live broadcast of internal streams. This service introduces a new methodology in two modes: with simultaneous translation for international events targeting individuals working globally and without simultaneous translation for national events aimed at individuals operating within the Spanish territory.

This proposal encompasses the supply of audio and video technical equipment for event production (production system, two cameras, computers for presentations and countdown, wiring to power the room screen, sound table, and microphones for speakers and audience), a complete streaming system, the Kaltura platform for broadcasting (including a chat for live questions), and, finally, a comprehensive simultaneous translation system when required by the event.


Realizations commenced in May 2023, and since then, an average of two services are conducted per month. Typically, they occur at Ferrer’s headquarters, but occasionally, the events to be broadcasted are held at other Ferrer facilities in different locations across Catalonia.

Continuing the constant quest for added value within the service, in December, Lavinia Services managed a stream that incorporated the production of a specific graphic line (based on a late-night show) and a set to simulate a television program. The broadcast of this event proved successful: Ferrer particularly appreciated the fully personalized service and the creativity that led them to communicate in a format so different from the usual corporate event, which was well-received by the audience.