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Written by New Media Audiovisual


This proposal encompasses the supply of audio and video technical equipment for event production (production system, two cameras, computers for presentations and countdown, wiring to power the room screen, sound table, and microphones for speakers and audience), a complete streaming system, the Kaltura platform for broadcasting (including a chat for live questions), and, finally, a comprehensive simultaneous translation system when required by the event.

Written by Goroka


Crims originated from the eponymous program on Catalunya Ràdio, which narrates real crimes in a novelized manner. The idea was to adapt this concept into an audiovisual format, creating a true crime series. Thus, the production of TV3, in collaboration with True Crime Factory and Goroka, was born. Journalist Carles Porta reaches households through the screen to shed light on real cases of the dark chronicles of Catalonia.

Written by LaviniaNext


To create a compelling and innovative experience for children, youth, and new trends in audiovisual consumption, the decision was made to develop a virtual reality experience introducing the SX3 universe to new audiences. LaviniaNext conceptualized and scripted a 10-minute adventure experience about the SX3 universe, designed for group participation through virtual reality goggles. The intention was to create a traveling experience beyond its inaugural event (Fira de Nadal del Port de Barcelona). Virtualmono collaborated with LaviniaNext in the virtual production development, while Lavinia Services handled technical operations.